Postage & Packaging (P&P) Information

Postage is calculated based upon which region you are in and will be added after checkout and before the payment gateway. Please make sure that you have the correct country on your address.
Postage is worked out as a percentage of your order. For most orders this is remarkably accurate although items such as books almost always cost more to post than the website charges. Occasionally, if there are many lighter items in your order such as transfers, the postage charged by the website might be more than the value of the stamp. Please remember that P&P does include an element to cover the packaging – packaging and boxes are suprisingly expensive!

Minimum P&P Charge

There is a minimum P&P charge of:

  • £2.00 in the UK
  • £3.00 in the EU
  • £5.00 for ROW

Please note this is a minimum, not an additional, charge.

Charge Bands

  • UK – 10%
  • Europe – 15%
  • ROW – 22%

Maximum P&P Charge

There is a maximum P&P charge of:

  • £10.00 in the UK
  • £25.00 for the EU and ROW

These maximum rates do not apply to the Bulky and Heavy rate.

Delivery Times

Orders can take up to 7 days to be processed (trypically around show times) – though we are usually much quicker to get your models in the post.